Counter Top-Surface Changing Station

Counter Top-Surface Changing Station
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Product Description

The industry leading Koala Bear KareŽ Baby Changing Station provides parents with a practical, convenient place to change diapers. An important customer service initiative, the Baby Changing Station encourages parents to remain in a business rather than leave to attend to their children.

Counter Top Baby Changing Stations are an alternative to wall-mounted units, used primarily where counter tops are preferred in public restrooms. Surface Mounted Units can be retrofit with no counter top modifications and can be ordered with or without built in liner dispenser. Recessed Unit is designed to be used with the Koala Sanitary Liner Dispenser.

Size: 3.125" x 22.25" x 36.75"


Koala Kare Sanitary Liners<br>
Sanitary liners offer children the same protection that toilet seat liners provide adults. By placing a 3-ply layer between children and the Baby Changing Station, parents provide hygienic protection for the infant and help to keep the Baby Changing Station clean.
  • 3-ply for extra protection
  • Biodegradable for use in septic systems
  • Available in convenient boxes of 500
  • Fit the liner dispenser in Baby Changing Station (integral in all units except Counter Top recessed)
  • 18" x 13" unfolded

    (Photographs are used with the permission of Koala Kare Products.)

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