Climb-Up (X-Wide) Mobile Changer

Climb-Up (X-Wide) Mobile Changer
Climb-Up (X-Wide) Mobile Changer
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Product Description

Small babies are easy to pick up and take to the changer; but as they get bigger, our backs get weaker. Or maybe you are a caregiver for larger children with special needs, and you need a new generation of changers. So... Children’s Factory has designed this new movable changer to go where you need it. Store against a wall or under our Diaper Stations, but position them for your own ease of use. Changing a baby sideways is not good for your back. So... move the changer to face the baby and voila! No straining. The 19" high Climb-Up Mobile Changer is x-wide for the smallest baby to 3 or 4 years old with control issues or special needs. The Climb-Up Mobile Changer allows crawlies and bigger children to climb up and into changing position. The Climb-Up Mobile Changer as 4 cubbie trays for storage. Built to hold children up 60 lbs. Changers have sloped sides to prevent little ones from rolling sideways. Changers are removable and can be used on any flat surface. Climb-Up Mobile Changer has built in flat masonite stabilizer.
Dimensions: 31"L x 27"W x 19"H

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